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Logan Coulter, Co-Founder

In his first published self help sales book Logan drives home the message, "The one thing that does not work is what everyone else is doing."  From early in his sales development to being a veteran leader and trainer, Logan found his motto to always hold true.

A title and escrow rep at TitleOne Corporation is where Logan began his sales career.   He quickly thrived and was recognized nationally as a top salesperson.  That recognition led him into sales management in a new market, followed by leading the company's sales efforts for national business, through a sister company NITA Solutions.  Logan then published a best selling self help book, "Dominate Title & Escrow Sales in 21 Days."

Medical device sales came knocking on his door, and Logan became a top producer at a Fortune 500 medical device company, Stryker Medical.  Immediately he was recognized as a sales leader, and quickly became an interim Regional Sales Manager, and a Certified Field Trainer for new hires.  Training some of the world's best and most talented sales reps in a highly competitive and complex healthcare environment.  

Logan co-authored his latest book, "The Book of Failed Sales" with SALES ICONS Co Founder and brother, Gerald Coulter.



Gerald Coulter, Co-Founder

The co-author of "The Book of Failed Sales," has a long standing reputation of developing talented people into SALES ICONS.  He emphatically believes sales reps are at their best when the barriers of management are removed from their plate.

Prior to SALES ICONS Gerald was a Sales Manager a top 15 CAT Equipment dealer in North America; coaching and leading sales teams in multiple departments, including Machine Sales, Product Support Sales, and Rental Sales.  And who better to lead a sales team, than a rep who previously dominated his territory through a one of a kind strategy.  Here Gerald regularly emphasized the importance to his teams to continually educate themselves and how one cannot expect to win without practice.  He has a unique skill set allowing him to find the trigger each rep has to their individual motivation.   

Title and escrow sales is where Gerald cut his teeth in the sales industry once his journey started, he never looked back until he rose to the top.  He found early on that the key to a long pipeline of business was to focus on discovering new prospects and grow them into loyal customers.  Gerald not only was a top tier sales rep at TitleOne Corporation, but he truly understands the title and escrow industry.  Having grown from the bottom up through doing deliveries, and being a high velocity Escrow Assistant in the processing and funding arenas.